Dinner in the Sky for the very first time at Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, starting January 23, 2019 - Book Now!

1- How to buy places for Dinner in the Sky®?
To buy places in Dinner in the Sky you must do it from this website in the HOME section, you can buy your places and pay them with your Credit or Debit Card online.

2- Can I buy places for the date I want?
We operate the public only one weekend of each month, and on specific days established by Dinner in the Sky, the dates of operation are published on our Facebook page and here on our website, if you wish to hold a private event on dates in those that we do not have operation to the public, please write us to: reservas@dinnerinthesky.com.mx and a quote will be sent to you.

3- Is a 100% payment required in advance?
Yes, 100% payment is required in advance, you can make your payment with your Credit or Debit card and your places will be automatically insured, later you will receive an email with all the details of your purchase.

4- What happens if I can not show up on the day of my reservation?
You can transfer your places to another person at no additional cost up to 1 hour before your event, or schedule a change without cost up to 15 days before the date of the event, any desired change that is not scheduled before 15 days before the event, will cost 80% of the total of your purchase, we do not make refunds in money.

5- I already have my places bought and paid, what comes?
You will receive an automatic confirmation email from our system, in this email you will find a confirmation number, this number will be required at the time of your event, it is important that you enter a valid email so that you can receive your confirmation without problem.

6- If I want to buy many places, do they handle a discount?
Yes, we have discounts of up to 15% only for the presale

7- Does the cost of the packages already include tips?
Yes, the cost per package already includes tips, although if you consider that you received excellent service from some or some staff members, they will thank you very much if you want to leave an additional tip.

8- Do you always use the same Menu?
No, our menu may vary seasonally, we invite you to know the current menu in our Menu section

9. Do you have bathrooms?
Yes, Dinner in the Sky has bathrooms for men and women at the Lounge area

10- Can minors live the experience?
Minors are welcome to Dinner in the Sky from 6 years of age. The cost of a ticket for a minor is the same as for an adult and must be presented with one of their parents.

11- If I can not arrive for personal reasons on the day of the event, do they reimburse me for my money?
No, Dinner in the Sky does not make refunds in cases unrelated to the company, take into account that the money you paid for your places was already used to carry out the event on the days of operation, if you can not show up, You can transfer your places to someone else at no cost.

12. What happens if I arrive late to my event?
You must arrive 30 minutes before your package time, Dinner in the Sky is very punctual with the time of each upload, in case you do not arrive on time, your places will be lost, remember that always after your scheduled event, we have another, any kind of delay generates a general delay in the whole operation of the day, also out of respect for other diners we can not wait, once the platform is raised at any distance from the ground, we can not lower it.

13. What happens if the weather does not allow the event to take place?
Dinner in the Sky operates under strict safety regulations and weather is a very important and unpredictable factor, in case of strong winds or extreme rain, we wait for the bad weather to pass for a maximum of 1 hour wait, if it does not happen, Dinner in the Sky will give you a new date to live the experience at no additional cost. No refund will be made in case of bad weather conditions.

14- Is there a weight limit per person?
Yes, the maximum weight allowed for safety and for the good closing of our safety belt is 120kg per person, if you have this weight or more but it is for high altitude reasons it is very likely that if you can attend, you can contact us and send us a photograph and we can give you more security.

15- Can I upload if I am pregnant?
Yes, pregnant women can go up no more than 6 months pregnant and as long as the safety belt closes without any problem.

16- Do the costs per person include Beverages?
Yes, all packages include Beverages during the lift and a complimentary drink upon arrival, if you want a drink in the bar area on land, this has additional cost to the letter.

17- Can I change the date of my purchase in case it is impossible for me to attend?
Yes, you can change the date of your purchase without extra cost if you make the change 15 days in advance of your event, after this time any change you want to make will have an additional cost of 80% of the total of your purchase.

18- Can I take bottles and consume them with you?
You can bring only 1 bottle and consume it during the hour of elevation being on the platform, in the area of ​​Bar on land any consumption other than Dinner in the Sky will be a charged

19- Can I smoke at Dinner in the Sky?
You can smoke in the outdoor areas, but on or near the platform you can not smoke or ignite any kind of flame or spark.

20- What happens if I want to go to the bathroom upstairs?
Our team will ask you to go to the bathroom a few minutes before the time of rise, once the platform is elevated, we do not go down to the bathroom unless it is a person in a state of pregnancy, if anyone needs to go to the bathroom with urgency since it was not when it was recommended and is not pregnant, there will be a descent, but you will not be able to climb back to the platform since the toilets are at a considerable distance from the platform.